Slim Wallets.. Chapter – 1 – Craft Wallet.

As we advance with technology, not only gadgets but also some accessories, that we regularly use tend to improve. Consumers crave for some newer smarter products. And some people do work in that front to cater to such needs of consumers.

Wallets now are going though a revolutionary changing phase, they are now slimmer, smarter and much more durable. People are now looking to ditch the bulk of their wallets. All we prefer now is to carry a minimalist wallet, that would be sleek enough to be carried in our pockets without any discomfort.The basic thing that most of the kick starters are trying to do is to minimize the size of the wallets, making them stylish and most useful at the same point of time, protect the cards from data theft through RFID and durable for long periods of time.

While many designs are already out and many more to make it to the consumer market, there are few that stand out due to their unique style/functionality. And one among the few that grabbed our attention is the ‘Craft Wallet’.

We have been testing and using some of the above mentioned next – generation wallets. The best that we would like to review first is the Craft – Wallet.


Pic Courtesy :

Created by Miguel Morgado, A resident of Portugal, this masterpiece has amazing features and has the minimalist design. Kick Started on indiegogo, little over a year ago, this has created a place for itself in the market. It is now in production and the some more products are in design phases.

Made out of CNC machined aircraft grade Aluminum and a layer of leather, its elegant, sleek and very durable.The slim metal box can hold up to 7 non-embossed  cards or 5 embossed cards. The mechanism is simple, just push the round button upwards and all the cards slide out and stack up in a way , letting the user choose whichever card he wants to use and slide it back in when done.

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This unique mechanism makes this wallet a head turner.. For people who carry more cards or cash, there is a premium grade leather layer which adds a pocket without effecting the slim profile of the wallet. The additional pocket can actually carry a couple of cards, some bills (folded thrice. ) and some coins as per capacity.  The Leather is of great quality and makes it feel premium.

One Tech Moment team would give the wallet a 4out of 5.The service provided by the company is amazing as well. They would individually take care of your order. Issues if any, you can mail them and they get it sorted out at the earliest.

So wait no more and if you feel this wallet is the one that you always have desired for, or you want to see how using this wallet feels, hit the link below and place your orders right away…

Link to buy this awesome product :  Make this wallet yours — Click Here

We will be back with some more exciting products.. Till then Good Bye!!


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