Google Surprises everyone with ‘Android N’ preview way before expectations.

Marshmallow or Android ‘M’ is now on just 2.5 % of Android devices, but this did not stop Google from working on the next version. We now have the early preview of the Android N.

Though the plans were to finally release Android ‘N’ somewhere in the 3rd Quarter of 2016, Google is mostly looking for feedback from developers. This act of involving developers in the early phases of its next OS launch , might actually be helpful in providing the consumers with the best of its ‘Next’.

The features that could possibly make way with this release are :

  • Interactive Notifications
  • Split Screen
  • PIP (Picture in Picture mostly for Android Tv)
  • Improved power saving ‘Doze’ mode
  • Memory friendly appss

Google also stated that it has been working on ‘Project Svelte’ to make android work better and smooth on devices with low specs.

Though buggy the early release seems to be very fast and promising.However, the final product is what matters. The future releases will have much more features over the few that have been revealed now. Hope to see a ‘Nutella’ smooth experience with Android N.

Peace ✌






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