Rumor roundup on the next iPhone.

Now that iOS 9 has been announced and the brief overview has started a Mexican wave of “WOW !!!” in the consumer group, the device that would come with the iOS 9 is awaited. Concepts and rumours are raising the bars of Consumer Expectations.


So the big question is :

Will it be an iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 ?

Well, looking at the history that Apple has always launched an S successor, mostly it should be named iPhone 6s and the bigger sibling should be named as 6s plus. But since the rumor is in the air, there could be a fair chance that an iPhone 7 will be released. Well we can just sit fingers crossed waiting for the best of the devices and consoling ourselves by quoting Shakespeare ” what’s there in a name ? ”

When will it be released ?

Looking at the past, its always September, and this time there is no good reason for Apple doing anything different .. So it will be September this time as well.

What will it be like ? 

While Apple might stick to the same shape and size of 6 and 6 plus respectively, it could have the following :

  • All new A9 processor with probably an M9 motion processor.
  • A camera that could be comparable with DSLRs
  • Force touch screen which could be inherited from the Apple watch.

And finally  What price would it retail at ?

This actually is a simple question to answer unless Apple plans to surprise us. The price of the base model which is still under wraps that it could be either a 16gb version or a 32 gb version, could cost us around £539 for the iPhone 6 and £639 for the mammoth counterpart. Peace ✌


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