Features of iOS 9 that were not discussed in WWDC 2015

In WWDC 2015, Apple demonstrated quiet some good feature updates on its upcoming iOS 9. A smarter SIRI , Proactive Intelligence were of course brilliant.but there are many features that Apple did not showcase on that day.

Now that iOS 9 developer preview is out and public beta is making its way to reach out to people in July, there are some more small tweaks that provide the user with a niche iOS experience.

Some  that I would list down are as follows :

  • Slide over to the right to search


Instead of sliding down for a spotlight search Apple now wants us to slide over to the right from the home screen to unveil the so called Proactivity Settings which would learn and show the content base on your usage.

  • Alarm customization.

picture credit: telegraph.co.ukPhoto credit : telegraph.co.uk

Now you can delete your previously set Alarms by swiping left on them. Along with that if you are the one who cant be woken up by sound, now you can set vibrations with patterns to go along with the alarms. Hope this helps you wake up!!!

  • Notes App extended


Notes App is the app where one would notice most of the changes. This was however shown at WWDC 2015. But Notes now can display previews of addresses and web links. I think its cool.

  • Zoom into videos.

Apple gives a brilliant screen to watch videos and media without taking your eyes off the screen while you are admiring the display. Once you have iOS 9, try pinching out on the screen while watching a video and watch the magic.

  • Batman Siri

Has anyone noticed that Batman’s voice changes when he is in his bat costume and behind the mask ? Siri has inherited it. You can now have multiple voices downloaded for Siri. Apart from this there are a few minor changes to its UI and its amazing.

  • Reader mode on Safari

Safari has also recieved some love and patting on the head from Apple. Now we have a reader mode that can actually let you make changes to the look and feel of your webpage by changing colours and font sizes like on iBooks.

  • Maps now more intelligent than ever


Maps now has been upgraded with a route avoidance feature which would warn you before you take a route and half way through you learn that the road is under maintenance.

  • App Thinning explained


Apps will now have different installable versions on different devices. iPhone 4s will have a version of an app smaller in size compared to the one on iPhone 6 by removing the features that the iPhone 6 can support but the former can’t.

  • Card View


The multi-tasking window will now be displayed in a card like view which is a much good looking layout. Now added to that is a feature with which you can slide up to close as much as 4 apps in one go. How cool is that ??

  • Low Power Mode

Apple might have discussed the Low Power mode at WWDC 2015. But what they didnt tell you is that a pop up comes up as soon as you hit a battery low of 20% and the pop up would offer you a low power mode button.

Apart from the mentioned features the easter egg that I would like to share is the storage on your device after installing iOS 9 might differ depending on devices. For older devices like iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 it might actually eat up another 1GB of your storage. But on the rather new devices, it might free up around 1GB post installation. How and why is still a mystery.

Well these are a few features that i have learnt as of now.. But will update as and when something new is found..

Peace ✌🏻️


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