Does iOS9 ring a bell ??


In WWDC 2015, Apple served Proactive Intelligence on a plate of awesomeness which eventually felt good, but later left an after taste of something similar to Android.

The features which were of course an impressive step ahead for Apple, would make the users who just turned towards iOS nostalgic.

Features Showcased in WWDC2015 :

  • Specific Reminders
  • Take invitations and add it to your calendar without you giving it a thought.
  • Play music automatically when headphones are plugged in.
  • Super-responsive SIRI..
  • Apple pay enhancements
  • Revamped Maps app with Transits
  • News app
  • Multi finger gestures to iPads
  • Multi tasking
  • Keynote
  • Split view only for iPad Air 2
  • Multi-app multi touch
  • Picture in picture
  • Promised increase in battery life and 
  • Swift — all new open source programming language.

Though brilliant on an OS which is the best in existence, it some how reminded us of Android all the while.. 

No matter what is being taken from whom.. All we need is to have the best device and the best features in our hands at our finger tips.



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